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A dynamic operating company that combines the best components from each respective business to create exceptional value through aggregating and consolidating superior cannabis assets.

Shingle Hill

Shingle Hill is the go-to boutique cannabis consultancy and market intelligence firm.

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With greater than 20 combined years of cannabis experience, 80 plus years of finance, and 10 plus years in law, the Linnaea team is prepared to identify targets, diligence each opportunity, complete the transactions, and integrate the assets to prepare for a meaningful exit.
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Robert (Rob) Hunt

Co-founder and Principal of Linnaea

Formerly Rob was the founder and manager of Shingle Hill, a boutique consultancy and market intelligence firm for the cannabis industry. He has more than 14 years of experience in cannabis as an attorney, consultant, operator, and investor. Rob specializes in assisting his clients with legislation and policy issues, due diligence, and structuring complicated financial instruments. Through this work, Rob has helped his clients navigate a rapidly evolving legal and regulatory landscape.

Previously, Rob was a founding Partner, and the Lead Industry Executive of Tuatara Capital, the world’s largest private equity firm dedicated to cannabis based businesses. In this role Mr. Hunt was responsible for leading Tuatara’s deal generation efforts, operational due diligence and the execution of new investments. He remains a member of the General Partnership.

As an expert in and an advocate for the cannabis industry, Mr. Hunt has been interviewed by media outlets as diverse as: The BBC, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, Fortune, US News & World Report, NBC News, ABC News, The Street, BuzzFeed, MarketWatch, Vice, PC Magazine, Wired, Equities.com, The Boston Business Journal, The Boston Herald, MMJ Business Daily, CNN Money, Ozy and The Cannabis Financial Network as well as numerous other publications and media outlets. He has also taught continuing legal education (“CLE”) classes for The American Lawyer (AmLaw) on cannabis law and policy.

Previously, Rob was the owner and CEO of Rocky Mountain Hydroponics in Colorado, and Evergreen Garden Centers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. Rob tailored his company to specialize in organic and hydroponic growing methodology to help maximize yields at commercial cultivation centers. He sold this business to GrowLife, Inc. where he served as both the President of the retail division and a director until the early part of 2014.


Jacob (Jake) Schrader

Co-founder and Principal of Linnaea

Involved in the legal cannabis market since 2013, with a background in institutional financial services, Jake understands how to work with diverse groups of people and shape opportunities to create alignments of interests for all concerned.

  • Founder and Partner - Shingle Hill
  • Founder and Managing Member - Articulated Investors
  • Former Partner - Cantor Fitzgerald
  • More than 10 current cannabis investments
  • 3 previous cannabis investments - exited profitably

John McGillian

Co-founder of Linnaea

John has over 30 years of experience in advising and investing in hedge fund and private equity managers. He co-founded Caxton Symmetry LLC, where he invested in and advised early hedge fund talent. John will be a substantial investor in Linnaea where he will be active in investment strategy and investor relations. He earned a BA at Johns Hopkins University in 1974.

  • 30 years of experience in advising and investing in hedge funds, and private equity managers
  • Co-founded Caxton Symmetry LLC, where he invested in and advised early hedge fund talent

Nial DeMena


Nial comes to Linnaea as the current CEO and Founder of Manna Molecular Science, a cannabis biotech centered on cannabis delivery systems operating internationally and in over twelve US markets, and Co-Founder of Temescal Wellness Massachusetts, the first MA-state operator to hold two adult-use licenses. He lives in Worcester with his wife Julia and his cat Ernest.

  • CEO and Founder - Manna Molecular Science
  • Co-Founder – Temescal Wellness Massachusetts



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